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Vera Nevanlinna (b. 1972) has graduated as a dancer with M.A. in Dance Studies from the Department of Dance, The Theater Academy of Finland in 1998. Since then she has been working as a freelance-dancer and a -choreographer and has taken extra studies in dance in New York with Rosane Chamecki & Andrea Lerner, Miguel Gutierrez, Barbara Mahler and Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig among others. Before dance studies Nevanlinna graduated as a freelance photographer from Muurla Folkhighschool.

The Dance
Nevanlinna has worked with Deborah Hay, Mart Kangro, Ariane Anthony, ChameckiLerner, Kirsi Monni, Ervi Sirén, Katri Soini and Paula Tuovinen among others. One of her main works as a dancer is Deborah Hay's choreography If I Sing to You, which was comissioned by the Forsythe Company and was premiered in Dresden in 2008. After that it has been touring in Utrecht, Helsinki, Frankfurt, München, Berlin, Melbourne, Stockholm, New York and Paris.

Deborah Hay "If I Sing to You" video
Deborah Hay "If I Sing to You" photos

The Choreography
One of the most important works of Vera Nevanlinna is a solo adaptation of Deborah Hay's choreography News. The choreography consists of a written script, which gives the dancer directions towards how to think and move, as well as descriptions about spatial and vocal work. As a dancer Vera creates her unique adaptation of the solo. The performance costume is disposable and it is made of paper and plastic, designed by famous sculptor Maria Duncker. The soundscape of the performance is generated live with microphones, which are hidden under the paper dress. The soudscape is designed by Tuomas Norvio. Here you can see an excerpt of the piece:

Vera Nevanlinna's adaptation excerpt of Deborah Hay's News

Nevanlinna is a member of AV-Arkki-The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art. Nevanlinna's video art have been showed in Hyvinkää Art Museum, Sara Hilden Art Museum, Makedonian Animax Skopje Animation Festival and Boston Video Festival among others.

The Collaboration
Nevanlinna has collaborated with sculptor Maria Duncker, photographer Elina Brotherus, film director Kimmo Leed, violinist Pekka Kuusisto and the band Rinneradio among others. Nevanlinna has also played drums in the band Branded Women in 1999-2001.
Kimmo Leed "Das monolith"

News, 2007
Chor Deborah Hay, Vera Nevanlinna
photo Riikka Sundqvist

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