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Vera Nevanlinna studied at Helsinki Dance Institute and Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts in Helsinki, Finland, from where she graduated in 1998 with a M.A. in Dance Studies. Since then she has studied dance in New York and worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer. Vera has worked with Deborah Hay, Eeva Muilu, Liisa Risu, Janne-Camilla Lyster, Miguel Gutierrez, Kirsi Monni, Mart Kangro, Thomas Lehmen, Ervi Sirn and Chamecki&Lerner among others. Vera has done interdisciplinary art productions with photographer Elina Brotherus, sculptor Maria Duncker, sound designer Tuomas Norvio, dramaturge Tuomas Timonen, artist Tanja Ahola and film director Kimmo Leed. Between 2009 and 2011, Vera was the artistic director of Zodiak Center for New Dance in Helsinki. Vera has also been a drummer in the band Branded Women (1999-2001). In addition to her dance studies she graduated as a photographer from Muurla folk high school 1993.

Vera Nevanlinna is a guest dancer with Cullbergbaletten, Sweden, in Deborah Hay's choreography Figure a Sea. Its premiere was in 2015 in Dansens Hus, Stockholm and since then it has toured widely in Europe and in the US. Figure a Sea

Vera Nevanlinna is in collaboration with photographer Elina Brotherus, making photos and videos based on scores. The first exhibition, Carte Blanche PMU, was in Centre Pompidou, Paris, in September 2017. Following exhibitions are: Gallery Heino/Helsinki, January 2018, Kunsthaus Wien/Wien, March 2018, and Serlachius Museum/Mntt, June 2018. The book Rgle de Jeu was published in 2017.
Book Rgle de jeu
Le Monde

The Choreography

Vera Nevanlinnas solo adaptation of Deborah Hay's choreography News. The choreography consists of a written script, which gives the dancer directions towards how to think and move, as well as descriptions about spatial and vocal work. As a dancer Vera creates her unique adaptation of the solo. The performance costume is disposable and it is made of paper and plastic, designed by sculptor Maria Duncker. The soundscape of the performance is generated live with microphones, which are hidden under the paper dress. The soundscape is designed by Tuomas Norvio. Light design: Heikki Paasonen. News It was premiered in Center for New Dance, Helsinki, 2007 and has toured after that. Vera Nevanlinna's adaptation excerpt of Deborah Hay's News

is a choreography, which starting points are not themes or statements but motion and collaboration. It is the meeting point of the visions of two choreographers, Vera Nevanlinna and Ervi Sirn. Sirn conducts the performers to a state of dancing, while Nevanlinna guides them to see the environment and become seen themselves. The name of the performance, , refers to language, which is a key part of the process. It also evokes mnemonics, rules, lists and order and the end. It was premiered in Center for New Dance, Helsinki, 2017. Zodiak

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Nevanlinna is a member of AV-Arkki-The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art. Nevanlinna's video art have been showed in Hyvink Art Museum, Sara Hilden Art Museum, Makedonian Animax Skopje Animation Festival and Boston Video Festival among others. AV-Arkki

The Collaboration
Kimmo Leed
The Fly Lake

News, 2007
Chor Deborah Hay, Vera Nevanlinna
photo Riikka Sundqvist

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